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The Mechanical Service Contractors Association of Canada is a strong supporter of Child Findís Truck Poster Program.  This has proven to be a very successful initiative in developing awareness about the issue of missing children.

Child Find's missing children posters are
designed to be placed on service vehicles and/or transport trucks and are made of a vinyl material that is self -adhesive. They are made in such a way as to not damage the paint and withstand truck washes. There are two available sizes, one for van's and standard service vehicles, the other is a larger version used for transport trailer sized vehicles.

This program is a significant communication tool used to recover or locate a missing child
and they help to trigger the publicís memory. By publicizing the face of a missing child, people are more susceptible to recognizing a missing child in passing. In addition, these posters are the key source in generating tips through Child Find's national toll free tip line 1.800.387.7962
. This line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and provides a service where people can call in to document a sighting (of a missing child) while remaining anonymous. These sightings are forwarded to the appropriate investigating officer, in hopes of a recovery.

How it works:
Simply fill in the Order Form and fax it to
1.905.712.3462 or email elaine@childfindontario.ca

The Truck Poster Program has a cost recovery fee of $10.00 per poster which includes taxes, shipping and handling. This is only a recovery cost for print and material. The order form will include shipping details, the amount of posters you wish to order, (there is no minimum order) and billing details. Once this form is complete, Child Find will ship your posters to the appropriate address. If a child is recovered, you will be notified immediately, via phone, to have the posters removed. If you wish to purchase addition posters, after the removal, this is at your discretion. There is no obligation to stay involved with the program for a certain period of time; however, you are obligated to notify Child Find if you wish to discontinue your partnership.

For more information contact Elaine Goraj at 905-712-3463.